How to Get a Workout in Before Breakfast

I am not a “morning person,” I’m barely an all day person. I work full time in a school, I’m starting my Master’s program full time in May(Go Panthers!), and I volunteer as an advisor for my sorority (shameless plug for Alpha Gamma Delta at SJC!) so sometimes I just don’t have time to go to the gym. A lot of people will recommend waking up early and getting a workout in before starting your day and to those people, I refer you to sentence one of this post. But, just because I don’t wake up earlier doesn’t mean I don’t squeeze a workout into my morning routine.


Every good workout starts with a little stretching. I do a few light stretches in bed (after snoozing my alarm more times than I’d like to admit) to get my morning started.

Calf Raises

So simple yet so effective! I do calf raises constantly throughout my day; while I’m brushing my teeth, when I’m standing in line at Target, and pretty much any time I’m standing.

Walking Lunges

Another quick one- I lunge from the bathroom to the fridge! Simple as that, it may only be 8 lunges but 8 lunges are better than 0 lunges.


I squat in the kitchen while I’m packing my lunch. I look ridiculous while I’m doing it but my cats don’t judge. I take something out of the refrigerator, squat, put it in my lunchbox, squat, and repeat. Again, it may be only a few squats but it’s better than no squats.


Where I work we have something called “The Pit.” The Pit is the parking lot where most of us have to park and is also the furthest away from the building. Even if I’m running late, I make a point to park in The Pit. I end my morning routine with a morning walk outside, from the parking lot to my office.

While it’s important to try and make time for 30-45 minutes of exercise, that isn’t always an option. I hope this glimpse into my morning routine helps those of you who are like me: tired and busy with limited spare time.

Give this workout a try and leave your reviews and thoughts in the comments!


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