True Life: I’m addicted to Bath & Body Works

I’m Marisa and I’m addicted to Bath & Body Work’s candles. I have to avoid B&BW as much as possible because, if left unsupervised, I will buy a minimum of 6 candles at a time. If you’ve ever shopped at B&BW you know their three-wick candles retail fro $22.50 each when they’re not on sale or running a BOGO promotion. So with such an expensive addiction, I refuse to throw the jars away after I’ve burned the candle down to the bottom. I decided to clean them out, take the label off and turn them into storage containers. IMG_4600

Here’s what to do:

I found the easiest way to get the leftover wax out of the bottom of the jar was to light the candle and let the wax melt a little. Once most of the wax is liquefied, I poured the wax into a plastic bottle. I let the wax sit for about 30 seconds then, with a butter knife, I gently pushed the wax and it should pop up off the bottom in one big piece (if it doesn’t come off in one piece it usually comes off in big chunks and is soft enough to use the butter knife to help lift the rest of the wax).

Once all the wax is cleaned out, I used a BBQ lighter to heat the wick holder and loosen the adhesive used to attach the holder to the jar. I heat the wick holder for approximately 3-5 seconds then used the butter knife to lift and remove it. This requires a little bit more force than removing the wax.

After all the wax and the wick holders are out of the jar, peel off the label and put a little Dawn dishwashing liquid in the jar, fill it with hot water and let it soak for a few minutes.

IMG_4613After the jar has soaked, using a Brillo pad and warm water, scrub the inside of the jar to remove any remaining oils, wax, and adhesive and scrub the bottom of the jar to remove the other label. Once the jar is clean, leave it to air dry.

Now that the jar is dry feel free to fill it with anything you’d like! I keep my jars in the bathroom to store dental floss and Q-tips!



Try it for yourself and leave your reviews or questions in the comments!

Happy recycling!

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